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Swimming Pool Remodeling isn’t just about remodeling your swimming pool, it’s about remodeling your lifestyle. At

Swimming Pool and Spa remodel

"Before ReModel"

CastleRock Designs are the Experts! When we remodel your swimming pool, we look at the entire backyard living space, as well as, your personal style. With this in mind, we can design your backyard into an inviting comfortable outdoor landscape. We will consider elements such as: outdoor living room,  outdoor kitchen w/Bar top seating, designed furniture, planting areas, and more.

This is a photo of a pool that was in desperate need of a face lift, or pool lift. The artificial rock was outdated and used with grey flagstone. Do you see how they clashed and were unapealing together? And, the grey and black colors did not go well with their home colors of tans and browns.

So, we removed the swimming pool coping , pool tile, pool plaster and pool decks. We rebuilt the steps and basically rebuilt the entire pool. We retextured the artificial rock boulders and colored them to match the rest of the project!

ReModel is near Completion!

Swimming Pool and Spa

ReModel from new Angle!

CastleRock Designs has been remodeling swimming pools for years, and we would love to sit down with you and talk about your swimming pool remodeling needs. Contact our swimming pool remodeling experts today to setup a consultation.

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